10 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

Electric Bike Fun
  1. Beat the traffic

    Start your day off right and glide right through rush hour congestion. Move at your own pace. Don’t get stuck reading bumper stickers for 45 minutes…

  2. Sweat-free commute

    Stay dry on the warmer days and keep your business attire pristine. Now you can focus on enjoying your ride instead of getting to work early enough to change.

  3. Free parking

    Find parking for your car can take upwards of 30 minutes and once you find it, you usually need to pay for it. Never worry about parking again!

  4. Save on space

    Our collapsible models can be folded to the size of a suitcase. Cut down on the clutter of storing a regular bike indoors. These folding e-bikes easily fit in small elevators and narrow staircases.

  5. Avoid the hassle of public transportation

    Let’s be honest, the T is not comfortable… It’s rarely on time, there are hardly ever any seats, and having to concentrate on consistently avoiding eye contact is not enjoyable…

  6. Comfort and convenience

    Our line of e-bikes have been designed and upgraded year after year to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. From the intelligible LCD display to our seat poles with built-in shock absorbers, we want your ride to feel luxurious. The lithium ion battery is removable and plugs into any household outlet to charge.

  7. Electric bikes are extremely low maintenance

    No oil changes or fuel filters, Just insert the battery and ride.

  8. Reduce your carbon footprint

    Going electric means no more pumping CO2 and other harmful pollutants into our atmosphere. Save $ on fuel while saving our planet.

  9. Assistance after injury

    Whether it’s age or injury keeping you off a bike, you’ll find that the added electric boost will restore comfort to your ride.

  10. What are you waiting for?

    The wave of light electric vehicles has already swept through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 2018 is our year to embrace this new technology and upgrade the way we ride. This Spring, we will be happily offering GreenBike’s City Hybrid and City Premium models. What are you waiting for? Make the Powermove.

Electric Bike Fun

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