9 Questions People Ask E-Bikers

9 Questions People Ask E-Bikers

If you already ride a Greenbike e-bike, then you know the deal. If not, imagine the scene: you’re waiting at a bus stop and a cheery-looking fellow zips up to a nearby bike post to lock up some contraption which you’re pretty sure you didn’t see him pedal once on his way up a nearby hill. As he wraps the lock around it, you notice it has some extra equipment and you begin to think this is something you haven’t seen before. You pull one earbud out and try to catch his eyes as he turns to walk away, “Hey, what kind of bike is that?”

Those already initiated know that riding a Greenbike e-bike is going to turn some heads. Some of those heads are going to ask questions and if you’re Greenbike evangelists like us, you’ll want to have some answers ready. Here are 9 of the most common questions we answer while riding our Greenbike e-bikes.

  1. Is that thing electric? – Yes, yes it is.

    Of course this is the first question. People have to confirm their suspicion when they witness Greenbike’s Electric Motion. This opens up the rest of the conversation, and the answer is a slam dunk: “You bet it is!”
    Some people just say, “Cool!” and wander off, but others have more questions…

  2. How fast does it go? – 20 mph without pedaling / up to 25-30 with pedaling

    Greenbike electric bikes get you up to a speed that manual bikes can reach; you’re just doing it without the effort (unless you have weak thumbs). Those guys in the spandex outfits are doing 20 mph at some points on their Sunday afternoon rides, but they have to be hosed down in the driveway before their wives let them in the house.

  3. Is it street legal? – Yes

    This is sort of a follow-up question after speed comes up. Below are the legal requirements for riding your Greenbike electric bike in Massachusetts. Most other states have similar laws, but check your state’s website to be sure.

    • 16 years of age
    • hold a valid license or learner’s permit
    • wear a helmet
    • the motor of less than 750 watts (Greenbike use 350 watt motor)
    • speed less than 25 mph
  4. How many amps? – 10.6AH

    Now we get to the technical questions. We usually get these from guys on mopeds or modified bikes – people who already know a little about the subject. Their interest usually comes from comparing it with something they have. Just the other day, I was competing for bike lane space with a guy who was confused about exactly what class of vehicle his Vespa was (if you’re reading this, maybe you should get a Greenbike).

  5. How long does the battery last? 15-30 miles per charge (City Hybrid and City Premium)

    Many people want this answer in hours, but at that point, it’s useful to ask them how many hours of driving they get from a tank of gas. This usually reminds them that miles per gallon/charge is a more practical measurement.
    FOR THE TRULY HARDCORE: Powermoves is also the exclusive carrier of Greenbike’s Legend HD. With a special Extended Battery, it can ride for 30-45 miles on a single charge. Go to the Powermoves online store to compare the Legend HD with the City Hybrid and City Premium e-bike models.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Learn how this rider maximizes battery life

  6. How long does it take to charge? 4-6 hours (City Hybrid and City Premium)

    For a commuter, this is less than a full time shift at the office. You can rush out to that one taco spot that was too far to walk to on your break and still have a full battery when it’s closing time. For the joyriders like me, you can ride until your battery gets low, let it charge while you sleep, and do it all again the next day.

  7. How much does it cost to charge? Less than $2/month

    I was shocked the first time I heard this question. I had always just assumed the amount of power used to charge my Greenbike was so low that it wasn’t even worth considering. But that’s also what I thought about adjusting the thermostat before my dad opened my eyes to the folly of my energy-wasting ways. Even little things add up, but luckily the amount of juice Greenbike requires is a very little thing. When compared with the cost of operating a car or using public transportation everyday, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more dads on Greenbikes.

  8. Do you still get exercise? – Yes.

    The extent of which is completely up to the rider. Whether you choose to throttle around until the battery runs out and peddle home or use intermittent peddling to maximize riding time. A lot of riders tell us it feels like riding an exercise bike that actually gets you from point A to point B. The level of resistance can be controlled via pedal assist levels, so you can be riding uphill while pedalling, but it feels like a low-setting on a stationary bike. Feel the burn, but don’t burn yourself out.                                                                     Ride the Cape Cod Rail Trail

  9. How much? – $1299 for City Hybrid and City Premium models

    E-bikes range from $1000 to $5000. In the price range of these two models, you won’t find the same specs and they may not be foldable. Greenbike combines an aircraft grade, foldable aluminum frame with a perfectly paired 350 watt motor and 48 volt battery. Other e-bikes offer more wattage, but best performance is achieved through pairing wattage with voltage.There’s one more question that didn’t make the cut, and that’s because it’s too easy. They’re eventually going to ask where they can get one.
    The short answer is Powermovebikes.com.
    (It’s the long one too)

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