Adding a Boost to Boston’s Bike to Work Day Festival

Boston's Bike to Work Day Festival

How do you get to work? Every 3rd Friday in May, Boston celebrates National Bike to Work Day, a day to leave the car keys at home and add a little excitement to your commute. Be sure not to miss Boston’s Bike to Work Day Festival taking place at City Hall Plaza from 7 am – 9 am. The festival is being sponsored by Whole Foods, Clif Bar, High Brew Coffee, and Iggy’s Bread. With that in mind, attendees are sure to leave with a good taste in their mouths after partaking in a FREE BREAKFAST for bikers.

Cycling Through the Facts. Back in 2005, stats from The American Community Survey (ACS) showed that less than 1% of Bostonians biked to work. That percentage has steadily risen as Boston commuters begin to ditch gas guzzlers for a much healthier, eco-friendly solution. Part of the increase is of course due to the vast improvements to Boston bicycle infrastructure since 2007. In the last decade, the city has added:
· Over 100 miles of bike lanes
· Close to 2000 bike racks
· And over 160 Hubway stations

Something I Bet You Didn’t Know. It may come as a surprise to hear that last year, The League of American Bicyclists ranked Massachusetts as the #4 Most Bicycle Friendly State! Our state ranked highly in categories such as infrastructure & funding, education & encouragement, policies & programs, and evaluation & planning. Legislation & enforcement could use some development as it kept MA out of the top 3 spots…

Boston’s Chance for a Test Ride. Ever wondered what it might be like to ride a bike that does the pedaling for you? This Friday is your chance to find out. Come check out the Powermove E-Bikes booth at this Friday’s festival for demonstrations and test rides on our brand new GreenBike Electric Motion 2018 folding electric bike models. If you suffer from one of the following: wear a suit/dress to work and don’t want to arrive all sweaty, live 5+ miles from work, or have disabilities or pain that keep you from pedaling, then you don’t want to miss this FREE opportunity. One last thing to mention- since our e-bikes fold, they are allowed on public transit during peak hours. I will leave you with that.
Don’t forget to register using the link below! That way, we’ll be sure to have enough food.

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