Read This Before You Buy: What E Bike Owners Have to Say

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Still on the fence about e bikes? Finally!! A comprehensive electric bike survey for us to work with! Now, we can take a look at what other e bike owners have to say about their experiences. The following post illustrates data from the 2018 survey titled “A North American Survey of Electric Bicycle Owners” by […]

Can Riding a Green Bike E Bike Make You a Happier Person?

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Of course, the term “happier person” is a little vague for scientific research, but scientists have proven that cycling in general can improve physical health and thereby mental health. Traditional cycling is of course the best way, but Green Bike e-bikes can allow a whole new section of the population to make the Powermove to […]

Why Consumers Can Expect E-Bike Prices To Rise Very Soon…

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Did you know that the concept of electric bikes dates back to the 1800’s? The idea was conceived long ago and took many shapes and sizes, but never made its way to the mainstream. That’s hardly the case anymore as the number of e bike sales SKYROCKETTED this year. That’s right! In 2018, thousands of […]

The Future of E-Mobility – GreenBike Shares the Spotlight

Most riders may not be aware that the largest bicycle trade show in the western hemisphere just took place… Interbike is an annual event that gives an inside look of what can expected in the coming months from the industry’s leading bike, e-bike, and bike accessory manufacturers. This year, more than 15,000 bicycle professionals made […]

The Cape Cod Rail Trail | 22 Miles | South Dennis – Wellfleet, MA

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The Cape Cod Rail Trail runs for 22 miles and passes through 6 different towns. If you’re coming from Boston, you’ll probably want to drive to the South Dennis trailhead or further, depending on how much biking time you want and where you’d like to end. The trail finishes in Wellfleet, but there are lots […]

What Are Electric Bikes?

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There is a new trend emerging in the US… More and more pedestrians and motorists are noticing bikers zip by them without pedaling or breaking a sweat, leaving witnesses scratching their heads and wondering “how is that bike moving if they’re not pedaling!?” Chances are that they were riding electric bikes. Electric bikes consist of a custom frame […]