Can Riding a Green Bike E Bike Make You a Happier Person?

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Of course, the term “happier person” is a little vague for scientific research, but scientists have proven that cycling in general can improve physical health and thereby mental health. Traditional cycling is of course the best way, but Green Bike e-bikes can allow a whole new section of the population to make the Powermove to healthier, happier commuting. We know first hand that more e-bikers means more happy people and happiness is contagious, but our evidence is purely anecdotal, so we’re gonna let the scientists do the heavy lifting. Here is the data we’ve found about how cycling is good for you.

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Green Bike e-bikes allow you to multitask

One of the biggest obstacles to exercise for busy people is time. Most people work at least 8 hours a day, and then when we get home, we either have lots of other responsibilities pulling us in different directions or we simply want to spend this time relaxing. One way to overcome this obstacle is to multi-task. Let your commute and exercise occupy the same time. Now, the Powermove is to cut out the sweat factor. Green Bike’s City Hybrid and City Premium models allow you to experience the fresh air and get to work in a more health-conscious way, all without sweating a drop.

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Once you carve out that time for e-biking, you’ll start to feel the benefits

Scientists have proven that cycling in general promotes positive mental health. This type of moderate exercise has positive effects on self-esteem, depression, anxiety and stress. Cycling is one of the best exercise activities for your head and your heart. It also helps you sleep better. So e-biking allows even more people to jump on this bandwagon and show up to work happier and healthier (but not as sweaty as traditional biking). You’ll be more well rested and you’ll find yourself starting to pedal more and more to get some exercise in, but only when you choose.

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Get out of the anti-social bubble: your car!

Cruise through any major city on your Green Bike City Hybrid or City Premium during rush hour and take a look inside the cars. You’ll see some very unhappy faces, some might light up as they see you pass them by without a single pedal, but most will remain unhappy. E-biking allows you to not only side-step the traffic, but it allows you to be part of your surroundings. Car commuters are trapped in that bubble for up to 2 hours a day; behind glass, metal and plastic that stops them from interacting with the outside world.

Researchers have even proven that this barrier leads to more road rage, as people are more willing to beep, yell, and practice their sign language skills when they feel protected inside their cars. Our Green Bike models all have horns on them, but we at Powermove have rarely ever used them. We don’t have to wait in traffic; the bike lane can get a little congested sometimes, but there is a kind of comradery among cyclists and very little tension. Most of the shouting is about the specs of our e-bikes, and it’s delivered with a smile. In fact, we get asked questions so much, we wrote another article about the most common questions people ask e-bikers.

Electric Bike Fun

If biking to work is good for your health, e-biking is the same to whatever degree the rider may choose. Those with limited mobility or just at the very beginning of their fitness journey didn’t have this option until now. Green Bike Electric Motion provides a happy, healthy, and sweat-free way to get around for everyone. We know from personal experience that it makes you happier, but don’t take our word for it. Just have a look at the video below.


2018 Legend HD by GreenBike Electric Motion

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