The Future of E-Mobility – GreenBike Shares the Spotlight

Most riders may not be aware that the largest bicycle trade show in the western hemisphere just took place… Interbike is an annual event that gives an inside look of what can expected in the coming months from the industry’s leading bike, e-bike, and bike accessory manufacturers. This year, more than 15,000 bicycle professionals made their way to this insider’s only event hosted in Reno, Nevada. The growing popularity of e-bikes certainly became obvious as the 650,000 square feet of convention floor had been partially taken over by electric bikes and electric bike accessories. This is the show that your local bike shop owner goes to before deciding what products should be carried in the months to come. GreenBike Electric Motion shared the stage with companies like: Raleigh, Bosch, and Yamaha and even caught some of the spotlight too!

ELECTREK.CO was there to cover the convention and happened to be impressed with what GreenBike had on display. Their reporting mentions GreenBike’s products as “electric bicycles for the common man”, “perfect for commuting to work or school”, and “e-bikes for city use that are affordable for almost anyone”. Check out the rest of the ELECTREK.CO article here.

There wasn’t dull moment at the GreenBike Electric Motion booth during this 3 day event. The company began operations back in 2005, making them one of the more seasoned e-bike manufacturers out there. You can already find GreenBikes in the Middle East, European cities like Berlin, and now ALL OVER the U.S.! GreenBike’s popularity at Interbike will most likely give way to further national and international expansion meaning: more locations to test ride, an expanding service and support network, and more locations to purchase a GreenBike. Furthermore, Powermove E-Bikes may be adding a few new GreenBike Electric Motion models to the roster very soon as well.

Here are some of the upcoming GreenBike Electric Motion that could possibly find their way to the Powermove E-Bikes Online Store:

For those of you that want to take the electricity off-road, the advanced A5 rear-shock absorber and Mozo front-shocks certainly smoothen out the ride on GreenBike’s new 350w Enduro electric mountain bike. Weighing in at 55.5 pounds, boasting 48 volts of power, the Enduro can handle any terrain you’d like to explore. This EMB is quickly earning itself recognition in the $2000-$2500 price range.

Green Bike Electric Motion’s Yoko Premium screams lightweight convenience and affordability with a price tag of under $1300 and weight (including battery) of only 35 pounds! Don’t let the size of the Yoko fool you… This GreenBike is powered by a 350 watt electric motor and 36 volt lithium ion battery (contained within the frame) that can take you upwards of 30 miles on a single charge! For the urban rider looking for a lightweight, affordable option, the Yoko has just been placed on your radar. Be sure to check in to Powermove E-Bikes Online Shop page periodically as you may find some additions in the coming days and weeks. However if you don’t have time to wait, especially with the holidays right around the corner, feel free to sign up to our Newsletter to receive a special offer.

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