What Are Electric Bikes?

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There is a new trend emerging in the US… More and more pedestrians and motorists are noticing bikers zip by them without pedaling or breaking a sweat, leaving witnesses scratching their heads and wondering “how is that bike moving if they’re not pedaling!?” Chances are that they were riding electric bikes. Electric bikes consist of a custom frame with pedals and all, but also include an electric motor and battery.

As new as the concept may sound, around 263,000 e-bikes were sold last year in the US alone. The number may sound larger than you might expect, but it doesn’t even compare to the 34 million e-bikes sold worldwide in 2017! Though new to the US, electric cycles have become the norm throughout Europe and Asia. Statistics show that commuters worldwide are ditching their cars and regular bikes to go electric. With a 25% growth spike in the US since last year, soon it will be hard to take a walk downtown without baring witness to at least a few electric bikes on the roads and trails.


Our Powermove electric bikes consist of 350 watt rear hub motors (hidden in the rear wheel) and come with 48V removable batteries that can be recharged by plugging it into any household power outlet for between 2-6 hours. With a full charge, bikers can enjoy an extended full-throttle journey of up to 25-30 miles!

Just insert the battery, turn on the ignition, and twist the throttle to begin the ride.


Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

Average Speed

For those that believe commuting with a car is faster than with an electric bike- The average car speed for around-town driving is 18 mph. The average electric bike speed is 15 mph. Not so slow now, are they?

Still an Option for Exercise

The electric boost is available only when you choose to use it. Want to enjoy a regular bike ride? Just switch to full-throttle mode and refrain from twisting the throttle. You will be able to engage the motor any time you please. Uphill travel limiting your distance? Switch back to pedal assist mode for a boost with every pedal and go that extra mile. You can track your progress and speed with the LCD display’s odometer and speedometer.

They Do the Work for You

Our electric bikes combine a 350 watt brushless motor with a 48 volt lithium ion battery to provide enough power to haul 250 pounds at an average speed of 15 mph without a single pedal.

Dollars and Sense

Electric bikes are at least 30 times cheaper to operate and maintain than a car. Annual maintenance costs for car owners average out to around $9,000. An electric bike owner’s average annual cost is under $400. Let’s not forget fuel costs… At $2.85/gallon, it costs about $33.60 to fill up a 12-gallon tank. The cost to fully charge an electric bike’s lithium ion battery is about $0.50.

Quality and Price

We only carry products from manufacturers we trust. Powermove has formed an exclusive partnership with GreenBike Electric Motion, one of Israel’s top electric bike and scooter manufacturers. They have been in the business for over 12 years, constantly pushing the limits of innovation in this young but rapidly growing industry.  The Israeli electric bike revolution had its start in 2012. Since then, 100’s of electric bike manufacturers have come and gone, but GreenBike has stood out year after year as one of Israel’s Top 5 electric bike makers when it comes to long-lasting quality and value. All this wouldn’t be made possible without custom crafting their bikes with parts from Shimano, Neco, BZ, Zoom, Prowheel, Kenda, Tektro, Boston-Power and more!

GreenBike Electric Motion uses 48v lithium ion batteries made by Boston-Power. Boston-Power is a leading developer and manufacturer of next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, blocks, modules and systems. They are nearing completion of their Asia-based Battery Super Factories that aim to rival Tesla Motors Inc.’s Gigafactory.  Boston-Power supplies batteries for many Chinese electric automakers including ZD (Zhidou) and BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co.). BAIC, China’s fifth largest automaker, manufactures Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai vehicles for sale into the world’s largest auto market. In other words, the electric bikes we carry are powered by lithium ion batteries built using the same technology as the innovative electric automobile industry.

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